Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Improvement #28

BEFORE (icky)
Home improvement number #28. Our 1942 home had the original carriage doors who had weathered many a storm and days of sunshine, but were tired and ready to go to garage door heaven. We are at the 95.5% solution and our waiting for our "panes" to be delivered and installed, but we are so excited! Dan-the-Man more than me, since this is more of a guy thing and I get more excited over paint chips.....but never the less a big improvement and one that was long over due! Kind of me not blogging in many, many months....but we won't go there...or will we?
Ok,'s been a bit. I've been buzzzzzzy. What can I say?!?!?! I felt a little guilty, okay a lot, after I saw my last post was in February. What exactly have I been up to?
1) Planting flowers at Acorn Cottage
2)Playing with glitter with recklessly in the art room
3)Getting use to my new camera...we are bonding
4)Went on vacation to CA to see my Mum, sisters and niece (pictures to come)
5)Sewing (pictures to come)
You know.....stuff! Hope everyone has been having a great spring! The peonies are in bloom and smell heavenly! We have a bird nest outside our kitchen window and the babies are hungry! Love listening to them chirp! The bug-de-doo needs a good scrub and is going to be ready for the wide open roads for country drives and roadside farm stands and I got one of those fancy schmancy c.d. disk organizers so I can have all of my tunes with me. Nothing like listening to the Commodores "Too Hot Too Trot....LADY!" out on Highway 24 singing at the top of your lungs! Yeah, that's what I am talking about!