Friday, August 6, 2010

Rhode Island Part Deux

Look at the SIZE of these gates....they seemed about 20-30ft tall! We did not go on the tour of the Newport, Rhode Island Mansions as we were on a mission (no not 007 mission) to get down to Ocean Drive and breath in the fresh sea air! The houses from the exterior were *AMAZING*
and I easily could have spent the day marveling at the architecture!
Okay....for those of us who are part Danish and have cheese, butter and half and half pulsing through our veins to begin with....this was a major trouble stop for me. This was at Costentino's market in North Providence. My favorite "Drunken Goat"....don't you love it? Costentino's the case line of FRESH die for....and of course the chunks of fresh parmesan nearby calling my name!

Yeah, this was my "bruschetta".....we are not talking about any mamby pamby miniature piece of toast with a light sprinkling of basil and sireeee....this is the real deal with fresh cut prosciutto....

I didn't take this picture when I should have...early in the morning with the sun lighting up the flowers in a wave of magenta glory. Cute little nursery right down the street from my families place....Oh yeah, and they also sell fresh baked pies. Trouble with a capital "T".
I still have MORE pictures to share if you can take it! It was such a wonderful trip. If you ever get a chance to see New England, I highly recommend it!