Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yam Souffle

This is such a good and easy recipe to make in the fall. For people who don't care for yams with marshmallows melted on top, this is a nice little change, a little more sophisticated, with a delicious topping that everyone will love! Just click to enlarge. Enjoy!!!


Karen said...

Yum! Yum! Yams!!
That recipe page is so cute.
Love the way your blog is lookin'.
I'll be back.
Ladybug Creek

BECKY said...

Hi BFF!!! Yeah I do miss your bloggin' girl! I understand about the geneology thing though! Just make sure you check back in! I'm not going anywhere!! :o) Know that you are a delight to my soul, though, and how much I enjoy you and your blog!!

And this recipe...this is how my Mom used to make YAMS!!! Thanks for the memory! I've been REALLY missing her lately. Ok, going to stop before the flood gates open!!

Love to you, Nanc!

Cathy said...

The nutty, crumbly topping sounds wonderful on yams. I'm not a marshmallow fan so this would be perfect. Perfect fall food. Thanks, Nancy.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
Yum, sound wonderful. I love your middle name, I wonder why -wink-. When I was in high school I knew a girl named Bernadette and I loved the name and I knew one day if I ever had a girl I would name her Bernadette Marie and so I did. My middle name is Marie and it sounded pretty with Bernadette.
I really like your new fall back ground. I have been playing with a few and I think I have one now that I really like.
Enjoy your day,

Cass @ That Old House said...

Nancy, this looks really delicious! I love the recipe page, too -- how cute!
My family would string me up if I didn't do the marshmallow monstrosity at Thanksgiving, but I'd sure like to do this for other meals. Yum!
PS love the spiders!

Country Dreaming said...

Not much into the Yam thing--Ken would be though.

Good to see you around blogland!

It seems to be getting feastive around here.


Sharon said...

Yummmmm. It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and I have the family coming for dinner. Will try this. Thanks for the recipe. and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tracey said...

My husband loves yams...I'll have to add this one to the Fall rotation (I think even the kiddos would like it)!!

:) T

the wild raspberry said...

this sounds very yummy!!
thanks for stopping by ~ hope all is going well on this lovely rainy fall day.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

That recipe page is ADORABLE. I LOVE it.....

I am in that kind of a mood here too..Old Fashion and farmy....Have a pot roast in the Crock Pot today.......must be October !


decorators fabric said...

Thank you for the post!!! I will really try to do that at home.

Cristy said...

wow, i never thought about a souffle with yams, i always assumed it'd be too dense, but that sounds incredible. i think you used sweet potatoes though -yams are usually white, people always get them confused. you should take my quiz and see the real difference, i think you'll be surprised ;)