Friday, August 14, 2009

Wishing for Fall

This happens every year around this time.....I start craving fall. You start seeing things arrive in stores, magazine covers that are always a month ahead of schedule, school starting back up and that's enough to get me daydreaming! I start thinking about what variety of pumpkins I want to buy for the front steps, noticing the little acorns forming on our oak trees, and longing to wear a sweater and breath in that fresh autumn air. Thoughts of buying good country apple cider, burning more candles, and the Holidays occupy my mind. I long for it, I crave it and start looking at the calender thinking...only about a month to go. Is anyone else a fall lover like me?


Valerie said...

Always begin itchin' in August for Fall's arrival! Especially during these dog days of summer. Perhaps it's the teacher in me, but I love "back to school" season. In fact, I love Fall so much I had an October wedding!

Where is the Sauer Castle? I couldn't get the link to work that you posted.


Anonymous said...

O'w I sooo much Love Fall. My anniersay is in October, my sons we're born in October and I just love the feeling in the air when Fall approaches.

I have a few pumpkin vines growing now. I have the sugar pumpkins, the turbans and some gords.
I just love FALL>

Martha said...

I love fall as well and yes, I do, think that with the dog days of August, fall seems so much more dear.

avalonrosedesign said...

I know exactly what you mean! Fall is my favorite season. Now you've got ME daydreaming! Thanks, Nancy! ;)


Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Oh, Nancy...Just today as I was driving from my cottage into downtown San Luis I saw a tree whose leaves are turning RED ! I got so all day today..wherever I went..I jusst kept looking at the trees..saying to myself.."Is that tree turning?" There is one tree here on the corner that I call the Thanksgiving Tree...cause every Thanksgiving it is bright red..and just this morning...yep, saw some red leaves up top......

Yay for FALL.....


Country Dreaming said...


Love fall,sweaters,cozy hoodies andsweats
to hang out in. Can't wait. HOT weather is
not my fav.

Have a great weekend!

BECKY said...

I have been on several blogs that say they can't wait for fall!! I'm excited about it too, and just got back from buying some fall fabric for little crafts projects!! It takes awhile for central Florida to cool down, but I make it fall in my house anyway!! I've already started planning a fall giveaway, too. I'll be posting about it in the next couple of weeks!

I just want you to know Nanc that I always look forward to visiting your blog and to your comments on mine. You're just a kindred spirit and so much fun!! You better let me know if you ever come to Florida!! We could beach it!! Yeah!!

Have a great weekend!
Love ya,
Your BFF Becky

Pam @ This Humble House said...

I am totally with you on this! FALL is my favorite time of the year! My favorite colors, too!

Carol J. said...

I. LOVE. IT. Each season is special in its own way, but autumn is by far, my absolute favorite. I love nothing more than that incredible fall smell in the air, the colors, the tastes (love the cider), the sounds (Canadian geese overhead), staying cozy warm, and having an oven-cooked meal! Sometimes I'll bake cookies or muffins just to get that oven warmth. Oh yes, bring on autumn. :D

the wild raspberry said...

you have said it perfectly....i can't wait to go on a walk with the family and feel that chill in the breeze while eating a delicious fall apple. i dream of the day....
have a wonderful weekend~

Cass @ That Old House said...

I always get the urge to KNIT in August -- I think it's some primitive thing, wanting to make sure the family is warm for the winter!

But I always hated to see summer end and school begin -- I loved having the kids home for the summers, and the blissful lack of schedules!


Elizabeth said...

You don't even know the half of it!! I live for fall! Might have something to do with the fact that October is my birthday month :) I hate summer with a true passion and I'm so happy right now because the lighting is already starting to change here. There is a slight hint of fall in the air. I'm craving it big time..So, count me in as a true fall lover of all time. I also love winter,but fall is my favorite. You will also start to see more on my blog,because I feel way more productive.