Sunday, August 30, 2009

Room Makeover

I forgot to take pictures of the "BEFORE" in the daughter's room....She had painted in a dark taupe color, and after she went back to college, I told her I was going to be doing a makeover. We picked out fabric together, and I decided to take a week off work and well, work...but at home. A labor of love if you will. I tore out the carpet as there were beautiful hardwoods that had been covered up and painted it a fresh color called "Mystic Sea", a very pale blue/green that has tranquil written all over it. I am convinced that for punishment of bad people, they should be assigned taking up carpet strip tack, because those things were surely invented by the devil himself. I conquered it though, and Phase II will consist of me renting a belt sander from Home Depot and redoing our floor. Bob Villa watch out!

This is a lovely picture that Auntie Barbara bought for my daughter, and the Eiffel tower has a lovely touch of glitter on it....just love it!

Sorry for the GLARE.....a Fleur de Lis switch plate purchased at Provence on the Prairie!

A tiara places on top of the mirror to remind her of the goddess that she is each and everyday!

This is a antique mirror I had in the basement for 5 years....I am glad it has finally found a place in our home as it was my brother Lee's and hold great sentimental value to me.

These are the curtains I sewed, and got such a deal on the tassel trim. I thought they turned out real cute.

Words to live by....I had to show the toggle bolts who was boss and miraculously won the battle!

A vintage Parisian postcard holder that I found at a winery of all places that just had to come home with me!

Also in Phase II will be a toile duvet to complete the looks. It incorporates all the colors and will be the final touch on this project.

SPECIAL NOTE: I was actually tossing and turning last night....thinking about my blog friends and my book recommendation by Bill Bryson on my August 20th post. I was only into the first chapter that I found so hilarious when I made my recommendation. There were things about traveling with my parents as a child that I could relate to that struck my funny bone....after reading more of his book, which I am enjoying still, I discovered that some of the things he has commented on were plain, down right offensive, and he also uses some language that I wasn't expecting. I value all of my blog friendships and would hate to think anyone ran out to buy the same book and had ill thoughts about my recommendation so just wanted to clear the air. Alrighty then...I feel a little better now!


BECKY said...

Hi BFF!! Sure do love all the elements of this makeover!! Love, love, love the fabric you chose for the curtains!! They are soooo pretty!!

As far as the book, I didn't run right out and buy it so you're in the clear! ;o) I hate when they just have to put stuff in books and movies that ruin it for those of us tha guard ourselves from offensive material. It's such a drag, but what are ya gonna do?

It's great that you came back and gave us the heads up! Thanks for being wonderful YOU!!

Happee Sunday, my friend!!
Love ya,

Tammy said...

I love the window treatments. Very pretty and elegant to match the tiara and mirror.

Domestic Designer said...

Love your make over. The curtains are just perfect. Love the color too. I agree about carpet tack strips. I have removed carpet from 3 bedrooms and I agree the devil definitely had a hand in developing those! Ouch! Have a great Sunday!

Martha said...

What a wonderful makeover -- we did the same to Sarah's room -- out with the Beatles and Madonna -- in with a pretty paper. I'm happier! She thinks of it as the guest room -- not HER room!

But I tell her that she is a very special guest when she comes.

i can relate to tack strips -- I have a story to tell about pulling them up at Linderhof.

You did a great job with the room -- like all ofyour little touches.

Country Dreaming said...

Hey Nan---

Very nice job, love the curtains.
Can't wait to see it up close and personal.


Pam @ This Humble House said...

Hi Nancy!
Everything looks great! Love the window treatments! I have yet to tackle my bedroom window treatments - I am phobic I guess!

~ Pam

Jules said...

Much better than before! Looks much more open, airy and fresh in there now! Very cute with the added touches and can't wait to see the next photos!

Good job and worth your labor!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a perfectly beautiful job you are doing! Those valances are just darling! All of it is so cute! Love it!

Anne Marie said...

isn't it so much fun to decorate a whole room the way you want?

I like easel in the corner and the crown at the top of the mirror - those little touches are great fun!

Traci said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. I love your daughters room. Ecspecially the tiara above the mirror. Every girl needs to feel like a princess! Traci