Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shaun the Sheep

Most people are blogging about wonderful french grain sack pillows, or how wonderful it was meeting the Farm Chicks at the Antique show....and then there's me. Don't get me wrong, I want to own a French grain sack pillow and meet the Farm Chicks, but my latest addiction is buying dvd after dvd of Shaun the Sheep. Now you may be familiar with him if you have little ones.....or if you happen to love Wallace and Gromit (which I do...alot). We celebrated Dan-the-Man's birthday last Thursday and after eating dinner, cake and presents forced everyone to watch one of the dvd's I had. There's no talking, just antics. There's a farmer who is clueless what his sheep herding dog Bitzer is up to when he should be minding his flock of sheep. I guess it's the kid in me, but I have a new love. I've found that Target sells a few story lines you can find in the kids section, and as always Amazon has a great selection. I'll be the one in the living room with my gnome p.j.'s on and a bowl of popcorn watching Shaun if you are wondering what I'm up to at night.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Nancy! I love Wallace and Gromit, and now I MUST find Shaun the Sheep! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Another way to waste my time, hahaha. Perfect rainy summer past time.

thanks for visiting That Old House, and in the past I have had kitchens so small you could stand in the middle and touch all walls, and in one NYC apartments I had a fridge out in the hallway, and another NYC kitchen was so tiny there was only room for me and the cockroaches! (Didn't stay THERE very long, not my idea of pets!)

When my daughter wakes up, I'm going to ask if she knows Shaun the Sheep. I'm guessing, yes.


Martha said...

What a great way to spend a hot month!

Kristina said...

I haven't heard of these! I will have to check it out...my 3 year old might love it :-)

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy....Thanks so much for the names of those authors. I've written them down and taking them with me for a library trip. :)

Hmmm...funny you should mention enjoying some "picture" books. I'm planning on writing one starting this summer! I'm planning on doing a compilation, but need to write my own story for it first.

I think that since I've finally said it out loud, it makes it real...til now, it was just in the idea stage. Yikes.

Valerie said...

Hi Nancy.

Your post today made me smile. I have visited more than one blog that has displayed their adorable French grain sack pillows and highlights of their trip to see the Farm Chicks! I was feeling a bit blue...as those items and trips are just not a possiblity at this stage of my life...but Shaun the Sheep...now you're talking!

How fun that you got to meet Martha!

Take care,

Jeanneoli said...

You are so funny!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

um...would Shaun the Sheep put me to sleep 'cause I have a terrible time sleeping..and I know all about counting sheep..never works..and I just thought Shaun the Sheep might know something on that subject...you know? Don't think..I've ever met Shaun..but then the children are grown..so my world has changed..
Oh..and are you talking about chickies that live on a farm? Wallace and Gromit?

I get the definite feeling I've missed something....grain sack pillows? yep..I've certainly missed something for sure!!