Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Return from Tahoe

You are all lucky that blogger only lets us upload 5 pictures at a whack, otherwise I'd be sharing my whole photo collection with you of my recent get away! How can you possible narrow down a long weekend and condense it into five pictures for show and tell?!? No fair! Not when you have gorgeous pictures like this stream from all the snow (oh yes...there is still snow in May) from the Sierra Mountains. Of course, like we all say, the pictures don't do it justice. The roar of the river, the smell of the pine trees, sunshine on your is good!
Had a great time with my family. We ate, drank, cooked, crafted, played cribbage, scrabble (Here's proof that someone in the group is a blogger!), shopped, went for drives, gambled, laughed, told stories, watched sunrises and sunsets and RELAXED.

Here is the nephew Aaron (getting married in January), my wonderful Mommy Mary, sister Barbara, sister Janet and niece Julie (okay, I'll admit it, it was Julie that got the scrabble word"BLOG"). My sister Janet wanted me to clarify for the records (since before I left on my last post I stated Barbara was the "Scrabble Queen") that it was Janet that had the HIGHEST score this go around!

My beautiful niece Julie...take a good look at the slot machine, because that's the kind of luck we all had, except Barbara, who consistently wins...darn her!!!

This is a view of Lake's not as clear as I wish it was, but oh....that's right...I was hanging my camera out the car window, looking down the shear drop (did I mention I'm scared of heights????), while Julie was trying to get us to our destination because we were the last ones to arrive, cell phones were ringing, so...I guess under the circumstances it was okay!
Always good to be back home in the comfort of your own bed with your favorite pillow and husband! Kansas is emerald green right now, all the trees have their leaves and my azalea's bloomed when I came home...what a nice welcome!~ Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I can't wait to catch up on what you all have been up to!


BECKY said...

Hey Gal!! Glad you're back safe and sound and that you had a great time!! Awesome pics, too! You get home, we leave but only for a couple of days. Still it will be just me and hubby, and that is always wonderful!!

Hope you'll share more pics!! I LOVE Scrabble!! How did you do? I usually get 1st or second!! Bet we'd have a BLAST playing each other!!

Have a blessed day,

Jeanneoli said...

What a beautiful area. I have never been and hope to go someday!!! It sounds like you had a great time with family!

Martha said...

Nice to see you back -- Tahoe is a great place --

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a wonderful trip! Happy Mother's Day to you too...glad to see what a blessed time you had.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

P.S. I can totally relate to the heights thing! Ugh!!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
I love Tahoe,it's only about 4 hours from me. Glad you enjoyed your mini vacation and I agree with you, it's always great to be home in our own bed with our own pillow!.
Enjoy your day,

Elizabeth said...

Fun times!! You were about three hours east of me :) Tahoe is so pretty. I'm partial to the mountains, as my dad worked for the Forest Service, and I was born near Lassen, farther north.Happy belated Mother's day to you.

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention, that you can upload more photos onto a post, if you do it one at a time. One of my posts back in March on a flower/museum show, had about 15 pictures.

Domestic Designer said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. We missed you!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo you are back! And gorgeous photos, I LOVE the one where you were hanging out your window...beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and made lots of new memories. Julie is beautiful, and looks like she was having a grand old' time playing the slots! Happy you are back home safe and sound friend ~ xoxo Have a great Friday and Peaceful weekend!

Carol J. said...

Hi and welcome back! All of your photos are wonderful...yard and Tahoe included! I know what you mean about sitting in the back yard and gazing over our "domain", just breathing in the peace. Sigh. Too bad we can't make a living doing just that! :)

Jules said...

Glad you kept the record straight on the scrabble game!!!