Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Scoop!!!

Let me first start my story by backing up to yesterday afternoon.....I came home from work for lunch, pondering what we were going to serve for dinner. This would be my first time meeting my tattooed mechanics son new girlfriend. I already picked up on the vibe...this wasn't just anyone, so when I mentioned on a telephone conversation with him that Dan-the-Man wanted to grill out hamburgers, I immediately picked up on that this was not okay from the son.

Being the mischievous Mum that I am, I couldn't resist torturing him, and sent son a text message in the afternoon something like this...."Dan said we'll do tacos instead of hamburgers".

Fast forward to 5:35pm. I'm out in the kitchen feverishly working peeling and coring apples for apple crumb pie. I nervously keep glancing around the corner out the window to see if anyone has arrived. My son shows up first, as they agreed to meet at the house since she was just getting out of school. (BTW she's graduating in May with a MASTERS DEGREE in teaching).
He's watching Mum work at the speed of a hummingbird who just discovered a new pitcher of red sugar water has been hung. The son starts picking up on my vibe "Mum....your making me nervous...quit it!" I'm chopping Roma tomatoes and basil for the crostini appetizer I'm making, trying to beat all odds that I can get the last of the goat cheese out of the impossible packaging it's in. Dan-the-man announces "SHE'S HERE!!!!", and the son is at the front door in 1/32th of a nano second to greet her. Possibly less time than that....

Introductions occur, and I instantly like her. You know when you mentally start visualizing what someone is going to be like, even start imaging what they are going to look like...well EVERYTHING was so much more wonderful than that. Beautiful face, gorgeous smile, cute voice, and gushing with warmth. I felt warm and fuzzy all the way down to my toes. We easily fell into conversation like this was our 300th time seeing each other. A half hour must have passed with talking when I realize maybe I should include my son in part of the conversation.
That being said, you have to understand my son. He is Jim Carey reincarnated in a second body on earth, with a slightly different twist. He has a personality that's large enough to entertain a room of 40 people, and loves it best when everyone is laughing until tears are streaming down your face. I wanted my mascara to stay right wear it was, on my least for the first part of the evening.

She was like a character out of a Walt Disney of the princesses. Lavish with compliments for our humble home, about how we brought up our son. I picked up on how much she loves her family, and that she has lots of pets (always a good sign to me), and what a positive outlook and sunny disposition she had. Okay I thought to myself, I will allow you the honor of birthing my grandchildren. My daughter (away at college calls) I politely excuse myself as I go into the other room and try whispering "You're going to LOVE her". We have a 2 second conversation filling her in as quickly as possible on the skinny, the low down....I was curtly but affectionately told "I'll be the judge if she's "In" or not."..we giggled and hung up.

Dan-the-man made a wonderful beef brisket with a mushroom gravy, red skinned potato mashers, broccoli, and even though she is probably a size 2 enjoyed the dinner and had seconds.

After dinner we relaxed and conversed more. A little while later I served my apple crumb pie ala mode. It was a relaxing enjoyable evening, and we wrapped things up agreeing that I would take her in the bug-de-doo to a winery out in the country that she hadn't been to, and me loaning her a copy of Emma with Gweneth Paltrow to watch.

Before they could walk out the door, I asked if I could take a picture. Little do they know what I'm up to right now, blabbing to my blog friends. You are all sworn to you hear that??!! Don't make me come over and give you a nuggy!

I went to bed and slept peacefully knowing that life is pretty darn good right now!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts! Your son and his girlfriend are lovely together!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

She is a cutie pie, and looks sweet, too boot! What a lucky man your son is, and you, too! Hehehe...I love secrets! I won't tell, promise! ((Locks pinkies))

Jules said...

Very good story. She seems like she would be a good fit into the FAM! Time will tell. I am happy for Faris!!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Haha -- your secret is safe here in cyberspace!
She looks adorable.

My daughter is meeting her boyfriend's family this weekend -- going out tomorrow for the Easter weekend. She is so nervous; I told her to just "be herself, only better." Hahahaha!

She lives on the other side of the country, so we haven't met the BF yet. Sounds like you had a wonderful time -- isn't it a relief that you like her?

Whew! Cass

Painter's Place said...

She is so cute! Isn't it wonderful when you get along with the son's girlfriend? Nothing good be better. This was such a good story!! Promise not to tell............

Valerie said...

Hey Girlfriend...I can call you that right?!!!,

Loved yesterday's and today's postings! She is soooooo cute! I can't wait to get together and gossip...LOL!

I can't believe that we are a mere couple years apart in age and yet have children who are both young adults and toddlers between the two of us! I can't even imagine Ben bringing a girlfriend home...that seems so far away and while it is, it isn't!

Blessings to you,

Jennifer said...

That's awesome!! She is so cute and pretty!!

I loved hearing that story!

My oldest son is 13 and he just told me the other day a girl asked him out!!

I don't know what that means when you are in 7th grade, but I thought it was cute anyway!!

The next thing I know, he will be as old as your son and we'll be meeting his special gal!!

So cute!!

Secondhandrose said...

I won't tell a soul! I am new here and I enjoyed hearing about your dinner. Come for a visit.....k?


Carol J. said...

She is gooooooorgeous!! And I, like everyone else, promise not to tell anyone! I know what you mean about your peaceful night of sleep because for that moment, life was perfect! Big sigh. :)

Anne Marie said...

YOU are toooo cute! Some of my very good friends have had tatoos, so that doesn't shake me the least - and he's quite charmingly handsome I think WITH the t' sounds wonderful...but is so heart wrenching for this mother of 5, knowing that my oldest may be 12 now, but in just a few years could possibly be an adult like your son...but it's only possible ;)

wild child said...

Oh my gosh!!! She is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!!!! And your description of her was precious - she's got one of those sunshine faces though... that you can tell she is totally like you described, just by seeing the photo! Know what I mean? You can just do that with some people - you can just tell. Gosh, she is absolutely ADORABLE - inside and out :)

Mums the word!
Meg :)

Tracy said...

She's darling! And so is he! Sounds like a wonderful meal and great company.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh my gosh...she sounds wonderful! I mean JUST wonderful. part that really got me was that she wanted to watch "EMMA." I mean...that DID it right there!! Ok..and loving pets..yes..I like that..and I REALLY liked that she complimented you on your home.....sigh. I'm telling you..( I know I don't have to..) but she is a KEEPER!!
It was the "Emma" thing that sold me! ~smile~
Oh...and she is just adorable!!! THAT always is a plus!!!
Wait....and...she likes to SHOP? Right? You DID say that..right?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. Shame on me! I forgot to say how handsome your son is! Downright striking! I just got so carried away! Don't they make the perfect couple? Hey...I see adorable doll babies in your future!! Would you just look at those two faces? :)

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, What A Wonderful Story! Thanx for sharing, you so have a way with words, from what I have read so far (I'm new to your Blog) your son gets his mother's sense of humor and gift of words. You know how blogging goes...I don't know how I found your blog, but I know I sure will be back to say hi again! My "kids" are 21 and 18..can relate to these things. Sunshine and Smiles Christine

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog through once upon a plate. I loved this post!! She is very cute.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I just found your blog and have enjoyed my visit very much! I spent my lunch hour reading through your postings!. You write beautifully and your recipes look so delicious!.I am going to add you to my favorites.
Enjoy your day,