Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jamesport Missou-RAH

This picture is a gentle reminder of days gone by. Take notice of the sign "Self Serve Please". This is a lovely town out in the countryside in Missouri where a very nice Mennonite community lives. This particular farmers stand always has the best produce and I only happen to come across it because I live for taking the little dirt roads and am rewarded with finds like this! Now, I didn't get a picture of the PUMPKINS I bought from him...but what the supermarket would sell for $20.00, his price was around $1.50 to $2.00! Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...the giant ones we all want on are porch during fall.

I'm always conscientious of not trying to STARE...because I want to interact, learn, and truly appreciate their way of life. It is humbling. Such a simple way of life, they take great pride in their yards, and although they don't wear any fancy colors...they choose to display brilliant colors with the flowers the plant in their yards.

Every time we go visit their community I am in awe. There is a carpenter who hand makes things for the yard..porch swings and such. I told Dan-the-man we are going down their with the truck one year and are going to get a swing, ropes, lassos and all!

I have two stops that I can't do without when I am there...the general store that has things in bulk at prices you cannot believe. (ie. a container of whole nutmegs for $2.45...yeah, that's what I'm talking about) and a wonderful restaurant that I will have to get into detail on my next post including a recipe you won't want to miss!


Mary said...

What a lovely post. Your pictures here and elsewhere on your blog are spot on. I'm so glad I stopped by.

Cathy said...

I live in a rural area just like this, minus the horse drawn vehicles. We have a veggie stand that is close by that's on the honor system too. Just leave money in a can and take what you want to buy. I love that. It makes me feel good about the world

Martha said...

Being raised on the Eastern side of Missouri -- it is pronounced properly Missou RAH!

We also have Amish in our community who come to our city to shop. It is such a treat to hear the clip clop of the horses hooves and see the wagons going down the street in front of Linderhof!

Jeanneoli said...

I love the self service sign...so trusting. I loved all the pictures of the farms. It reminds me of home.