Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heavenly Flowers

Can you smell it? The wonderful intoxicating scent? Are you transformed the moment you close your eyes and deeply inhale that you are a princess laying on a bed of petals in a palace. Netting surrounds your bed and gently moves with the light breeze. It's dusk and warm sunlight and is gently streaming in, warming your mind body and soul.
What about these poppies? What comes to mind? A hillside, bathed in sunshine with the smell of fresh grass and little dew drops of mist tickling your toes as you walk basking in the warmth. Not a care in the world. In a complete state of contentment wondering how lucky you are to be alive on this glorious day.

What about these cottage flowers? Memories of walking through a magical garden, certain if you look hard enough in the most dense part of the flowers that you will see a fairy. For there could be no other place they would want to live. Laying on a leaf, gazing up at a ladybug casting a shadow above them. Hearing a cricket. Birds chirping. All is well in the world.


Martha said...

The garden is not only a feast for the eyes but the aroma tantilizes the nose . . . Linderhof is fragranced now by jasmine -- and the fragrance is heady!

Jules said...

Those pink roses look very familiar! Beautiful though. Spring is around the corner and can't wait!0000000000Milo just types his comment as he is walking across the keyboard!dsssssssssssssw There he goes again!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow those are pretty...and what decadent cakes! I went through Kansas over a year ago...stayed in a little town called Hywathia. I loved how some of the towns had bricks for streets and yes sooo many sunflowers....gorgeous. cherry

Mermaids of the Lake said...

These lovely flowers really set Spring Fever into motion. We just had a sprinkling of snow this morning here in eastern Washington State. Sigh. I am sure Spring will be here soon, but I it's definately not here yet.

Mermaid Shelley

Kendra Joyner said...

Can't wait for spring!! Love all the flowers and smells! We just had a beautiful warm weekend here in TN...and I was sick in bed...missed the whole wonderful weekend...but looking forward to more days like them!! And those cakes below look scrumptious!!