Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Dreaming About Spring...and Jane Austen

We've had two days of rain mixed in with occasional thunderstorms....which I love! I like turning off all the lights in the house, lighting a few candles and watching the storms roll in. Usual from the west, heading east. Our bedroom is upstairs and I love hearing the rain coming down on the roof and being in bed, safe, cozy and warm. I even have a rain c.d...it has a mix of birds and piano in it too, so relaxing to listen to....and then I want a cup of tea, followed by the urge to bake something....then an urge to watch Emma on dvd for the 487th time usually follows. I love the evening scenes in the movie when the houses are lit by candlelight, all the ladies looking so elegant and the men so handsome. I love the Regency era and Jane Austen.

What is your favorite Jane Austen movie???


Cathy said...

Your blog is beautiful and so interesting, Nancy. It's a joy to come to visit. Love your photos and comments, love it all.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Pride and Prejudice I think. I love the rain too and the simple noise it makes. I actually have a white noise machine I have to use every night...I sleep better to the sound. cherry

Martha said...

I love rain, too. I either get into the lazy read a book and have a cup of tea mode or the "you can't go outside so clean every closet in the house mode" -- we got some rain but not a good soaky rain which we need and which, I, too, love.