Monday, February 9, 2009

The puppies

I went to a furniture store this weekend, and leisurely walked around. Running my hands over a rich chocolate brown sofa, dreaming about falling into the over-sized stuffed chair that came along with it. Trying to decide which Jane Austen book I would read, and what tea I would prepare. Lost in a moment in time. Then reality hit me of what it's REALLY like at my home. Floyd on the left, Trixie on the right...couch dogs. Yeah I should have trained them when they were little not to get up, but they are going on 8 years old now. Floyd's main focus in life is to sleep about 22 1/2 hours of each given day. Trixie about 21 hours. Their thrill each day is when then pretend they are sleeping and then spring up to terrorize our postman each day. I still refer to them as "the puppies" which causes people to look up at me sideways. I love them dearly, and come to my senses that a new couch will have to wait. After all, they just got this one broken it the way they like it!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Nancy, It's getting to be mud sseason and my dreams of that new sofa has gone to the dog!! I love this post but I love those faces even more I am a dog nut!!

jen said...

How cute!
Our German shorthair "owns" the living room sofa!!
Your blog is so cute!